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International Fleet Solutions, Inc., Auto Paintless Dent Repair, Somonauk, IL

International Fleet Solutions - Hail Repair Services - Dent Removal

International Fleet Solutions - Hail Repair Services - Dent Removal

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International Fleet Solutions Dent Removal System

How International Fleet Solutions stands out.

  • We provide project managers for our operations from start to finish.
  • We provide the most highly trained and professional technicians in the industry.
  • We provide professional headliner technicians.
  • Quality control inspection by trained management provided throughout the entire process.
  • Our system is set completely up on-site.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

It is our number one priority to ensure your complete satisfaction throughout your repair process. From our service technicians to our management, we will show you the care you deserve and quickly get you back to doing what you do best - selling your inventory.

When your inventory has suffered damage due to a hail storm, it is crucial that a company with the knowledge of hail repair is there to help you. That is where International Fleet Solutions, Inc. comes into play. Our teams of professionals move quickly when these events occur worldwide. We arrive within hours to assess the damage that has been done to your investment.

International Fleet Solutions, Inc. specializes in large scale inventories for manufactures, fleet companies and dealerships. Hail repair is our main focus, and when we are selected to repair your investment, that is our priority.

Our highly trained management teams will carefully inspect your vehicles' conditions and provide you with a written estimate of cost and suggest a course of action. There are several conditions that determine the price to repair your vehicles which include: the size, depth, location of damage, and volume of vehicles needing repair.

International Fleet Solutions, Inc. has the experience to work with your claims adjusters, which will reduce the time it takes to complete your adjustment. This process is a critical step in reducing the time it takes to get your inventory back on line. We have extensive experience with adjusting thousands of cars with insurance companies from around the world.

International Fleet Solutions, Inc. will provide you with a written warranty that guarantees our workmanship for the repairs that we perform on your inventory.

As a premier professional hail repair company, International Fleet Solutions, Inc. stands out by providing an exceptional repair process, along with step by step procedures for getting your inventory back on line quickly and efficently. And most importantly - correctly.

International Fleet Solutions, Inc.
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